Horsemeat review and incident management – DEFRA

Following the publication of the interim report of the  Elliott review into the Horsemeat scandal and the Troop report the FSA is setting up an Intelligence hub to ensure that it can implement a system which…

  • analyses and makes best use of the information available to it
  • identifies future risks to food safety, quality and integrity
  • takes timely action to prevent or mitigate the impact of future risks

The objectives of the hub are to:

  • To improve communication and information gathering across the FSA making better use of the data, information and intelligence that is available to us
  • To improve opportunity and capability for gathering information and exchanging intelligence with Industry Stakeholders
  • To improve capability for the early detection and mitigation of potential future risks

There is an important role for Trade Associations in acting as a conduit for the transfer of information from Industry to the FSA.  Professor Tony Hines of the University of Reading is carrying out a research project on how a system can be developed which provides industry with the confidence to provide information to the FSA. We have discussed implementation of the Elliott review and the BHA Food Experts Group will discuss this with DEFRA and FSA including providing a section on Food crime and authenticity in the industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice.

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