Policy Briefing: Clause 34 of the Deregulation Bill

The Deregulation Bill currently moving through Parliament contains a critical clause to create a new policy enabling the unrestricted and unmonitored growth of sharing economy accommodations in London.

This ‘Clause 34’ suggests the full removal of transparency and safety controls around the short-term letting market and will pave the way for unrestricted rental of London residences in the same manner as hotels, but without appropriate concern for safety, consumer protection and community interests.

We support deregulation per se; however, Clause 34 has significant unintended consequences for the safety and security of the community, industry employment, and the overall reputation of Britain as a home and an attractive destination for tourists.

The unintended consequences of enacting Clause 34 on London residents, local communities and the reputation of Britain as a safe and reliable international Hospitality and Tourism destination heavily outweigh any benefit of this particular clause for deregulation.

Similar concerns have become a reality in cities around the world. Due to widespread problems, cities such as New York and Berlin enacted regulations to regulate, control, monitor and substantially limit the quasi-home/quasi-hotel market; much in contrast to the approach taken by UK Government.

Follow the link for letters send to:

Erick Pickles MP

Helen Grant MP

Letter to Lords 

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