Policy Briefing: The Sharing Economy Review

We encourage a review of sharing economy companies, particularly those within our sector that succeed by acting in contravention to very basic consumer and community interest laws. Such a review must be an impartial assessment as to how these major multi-national companies can grow within the legal confines which every other successful company in the UK operates.

The Review, which is said to be ‘impartial’ will be written by Debbie Wosskow, sharing exchange company CEO and head of Collaborative Consumption Europe, an unincorporated trade group for the sharing economy, comprised of financiers, policymakers, including Daniel Korski, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister and senior leaders in multibillion pound sharing economy businesses based outside the UK.

The stated purpose and approach to this Review calls into question whether illegal business practices will be stamped out in favour of community, individual and economic security or whether such practices will be rewarded by Government in the form of deregulation.

We take issue with this bias, as it does not serve public interest to prefer some companies within a sector over others. Targeted favouritism in a free market creates false market conditions and unintended consequences. Particularly when benefiting a select few multibillion pound foreign corporations over local small businesses.

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