Responsibility Deal: Latest Pledges and SACN report

The Department of Health has proposed new updated catering salt pledges to replace the existing pledges.  The main aim of the new pledges is to fall in line with the 2017 salt targets. They will be discussed by the BHA Nutrition Group and their comments will be passed to the Responsibility Deal High Level Steering Group in November.

A draft report from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN): ‘Carbohydrates and Health’ states that sugar and lack of fibre have been cited as two main causes of obesity ill health and Type 2 Diabetes. Excess sugar intake also contributes to tooth decay. In 2012, almost a third of 5 year olds in England had tooth decay. There are also stark inequalities across the regions for example, 21.2% of five-year olds had tooth decay in South East England compared to 34.8% in the North West of England with even greater inequalities within local authority areas. The Government through Public health England is committed to taking action on reducing sugar and increasing fibre in the diet of the population.

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