Scottish Government voluntary framework

The Scottish Government has produced a framework for voluntary action on diet and health and has invited industry to work in partnership with it in a similar manner to the Responsibility Deal in England and Wales by signing pledges including invitations to out of home caterers to:

  • Take pragmatic steps to remove confectionary and sugary drinks from till points.
  • Incentivise healthier meal deals in particular when school age children are purchasing lunch
  •  Offer water, reduced fat milk, sugar free drinks and fruit/vegetable options as default standard meal deal components
  •  Make a corporate commitment to no longer ask customers if they wish to purchase a larger option.
  •  Encourage healthier components in meal promotions
  •  Roll-out energy and, where possible, nutritional information on menus and displays (in print and online) across Scotland on an ongoing basis
  • Reduce the overall calorie and salt in food
  •  Make small portions, as well as standard portions, available to all customers where feasible, and to ensure that soft drinks with added sugar are available in small portions of 250 ml or less
  • Work towards the Healthy Living Award on an ongoing basis.

In addition the Scottish Government will produce a guide to healthy children’s menus by the end of 2014 and promote healthier food choices in public procurement

There are similar reporting and monitoring formats to the Responsibility Deal, We will be engaging with the Scottish Government and FSA on how the partnership proposal will be progressed.

More details can be found at:

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