AM PM Hotels Ltd

AMPMAM:PM was established in 2011 by Alan Gordon, who had previously enjoyed a career of over two decades in finance, where he was recognised as a UK hotel specialist within the Corporate Banking division of RBS.

Alan has an impressive knowledge of the UK hotel industry and enjoys a large network of clients, investors and professional firms throughout the sector. He has an unquestionable commitment and passion for the industry.

AM:PM provide a comprehensive range of hotel data products that focus on demand, supply and new development pipeline in the UK & Ireland hotel industry.

We offer a fresh and innovative approach in the nature, scope and delivery of our hotel data products. These have been specifically designed to give clients practical, effective and readily accessible market intelligence to help make more informed business decisions in a more efficient manner.

Our products are mainly provided via annual subscription and available to clients online. We’re also happy to help with one-off data requirements or provide a more bespoke service to suit specific needs.


AM PM Hotels Ltd
1 Kenmore Street
PH15 2BL

Tel: 01887 820 006


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