Bespoke Hotels

Bespoke HotelsOff the peg? Never. Run of the mill? No thanks. Generic? You cannot be serious. We’re bespoke and proud of it. The only common factors at a Bespoke Hotel are great service, a flair for hospitality and recognition that guests want to be treated like an individual, not a room number.

Our eclectic portfolio of properties, partners, hotels, clubs and inns rocketed to over 50 during 2011. Bespoke’s modus operandi is to build on the essential character of each individual business and its environment, rather than trying to impose a one-size-fits-all approach.

Check in and check us out and join the growing number of leisure and business guests who agree that it’s better to be bespoke.

All of our accommodation can be booked directly via


Bespoke Hotels Ltd
Bespoke House
14 The Coda Centre
189 Munster Road

Tel: 0843 357 5555


Number of Hotels: 72

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