Café Football

Meet the team

Meet the team behind Cafe Football

The story so far

It was all inspired by good, honest food which brings people together, whether in the stands or at home. We took this idea of wholesome food and turned it into something a bit special. Café Football is a unique restaurant that feeds a love of food and football.

The home of food and football

Here at Café Football, we wanted to capture the essence of football in our restaurant and our menu. That’s why we created a fun, relaxed dining experience influenced by the spirit of the game. Football fans and foodies alike can appreciate our diverse, well-rounded menu with some subtle nods to the beautiful game. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but what we do take seriously is the guest experience. We want every visitor to Café Football to feel at home, while experiencing something a little bit different at the same time.

Meet the team

Café Football Burger - 2 new size

At Café Football, we’re all about creating an exciting, memorable experience for you – the guest. But we couldn’t do this without our dedicated team. There are a few things that set our team apart. Like any good squad, they never underestimate the importance of working together. That includes planning, teamwork and staying in formation – with the occasional stroke of pure genius. Our mixture of industry experts and fresh young talent means there’s a range of diverse ideas at play. Each person contributes something different to the experience at Café Football – so your time with us will be memorable, but never predictable.

Westfield Stratford City

London E20 1EN

T: 0208 702 2590

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