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Elior. Because the whole experience matters

Elior is one of the leading UK and European contract catering companies.

There are 10,000 Elior people in the UK on 650 client sites, dedicated to meeting the needs of a wide spectrum of customers. Our clients include major financial, commercial and professional service companies in The City of London ,in  business and industrial organisations nationwide, the armed services, schools and higher  education  , the care sector , world famous sports stadia and famous leisure venues.

The best of both worlds

We have the extensive resources that come with operations on this scale, but at the same time we are completely focused on individual client needs and the daily quality of our service in every site. We are not a faceless global company, nor a small niche operator. Instead we have chosen to provide the best of both worlds. We are a contract caterer that brings a passion for food and service to our clients and customers individually, meeting their exact needs at the local level. But we also have the resources to ensure world class training and career development for our people, strong innovation and the highest standards in every area important to health, safety and the delivery of great value, responsibly and sustainably.

Services that reflect the quality of our clients

We provide both food services and a range of site services such as reception desks, cleaning, and security. All our services are designed to help our clients achieve a working environment of which they can be proud; one that reflects the quality of their enterprise, their commitment to the wellbeing of employees and people in their care and to the reputation of their brands.
We are organised as specialist sector teams to provide valuable in-depth knowledge and experience of the different environments in which our clients operate.

At the heart of our business is the desire to make what we do a pleasure for our customers. We recruit and develop people who are committed to our promise of making the whole experience of Elior service exceptional, and to making our company the best place to work in our industry. We achieve staff retention levels far better than the industry average – in fact our staff turnover is almost half that of the annual average in the hospitality and catering sector.

Elior UK
240 London Road
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Tel: 08450 300 100

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