Le Gavroche

Le Gavroche - Michel Roux. Jr.Since opening in 1967, Le Gavroche has set the standards of cooking and service by which others are judged.  Indeed it was the first UK restaurant to be awarded one, two and three Michelin stars.

And it’s not just the Michelin stars it attracts; the likes of Eva Gardner, Charlie Chaplin and Robert Redford enjoyed the splendour of haute cuisine three decades ago on its opening night.  But the cast list has only just been revealed – Le Gavroche is fiercely protective of its clientele, believing that its diners wish to enjoy the delight of French haute cuisine and unrivalled high standards of service in the luxury of this most intimate of surroundings.

The chef de cuisine is Michel Roux Jr, who matches his impressive pedigree with an equally inspiring independent style.  He is the son of Albert Roux, who founded Le Gavroche with his brother Michel now of the Waterside Inn at Bray.  It was the combined qualities of Albert and Michel which led to the initial opening of Le Gavroche in Lower Sloane Street, combining a wealth of culinary knowledge to form a highly successful partnership.

Albert had previously worked for the prestigious Cazalet family until 1967 and received glorious acclaim; indeed the family became actively involved and supportive of the opening of Le Gavroche in 1967.  Albert was a founder member of the London branch of the Académie Culinaire de France and has always been a great source of encouragement for budding chefs.  Albert Roux together with Michel Bourdin of the Connaught Hotel and Tony Mossiman of Mossimans have been, during the last thirty years, perhaps the three most influential figures in the world of cuisine to elevate the standard of such in restaurants and around the country.

The fact that Le Gavroche continues to maintain a high profile within the world of critics is testament to the excellence of the food being prepared by Michel Roux. This remains classically based.  An insistence that all meat and poultry be cooked on the bone gives greater flavour and texture which is enhanced accordingly by the subtle additions of spices and herbs.

Le Gavroche maintains the very highest of standards; no detail is overlooked in a restaurant which can feed sixty people at once, and there is a sense of unremitting concentration and effortless attention to the needs of the client.  Over the last thirty years, the culinary delights of the Roux family have become synonymous with a general excellence in the quality of both the presentation of food and the overall ambience created.

Le Gavroche has always instinctively provided surroundings suitable to any requirement and takes the business of comfort very seriously.  Not surprisingly it can boast a regular clientele of around fifty percent and as one regular wrote, “If the whole world is getting you down, grab your coat and make a dash for Le Gavroche.”

Le Gavroche
43 Upper Brook Street

Tel: 0207 408 0881

Email: bookings@le-gavroche.com

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