Moorfield Group

moorfield GroupMoorfield Group (Moorfield) is a UK real estate and real estate related private equity fund manager, with some £2 billion currently under management through the Moorfield Real Estate Funds (MREFs).

  • Moorfield is the proactive asset, development, operational and financial manager of its traditional and alternative real estate investments.
  • We will directly acquire single or multiple assets, or indirectly invest through corporate vehicles, including joint ventures.
  • Moorfield will also support entrepreneurial management teams who want to grow their real estate and related businesses or who want to take specific advantage of market opportunities.
  • We are able to provide mezzanine and structured finance solutions where appropriate, as well as acquiring debt, whether related to single asset, multiple asset or corporate structures.

Address: Moorfield Group Nightingale House 65 Curzon Street London W1J 8PE

Tel: 0207 399 1900


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