Mosimann'sAt Mosimann’s, cuisine takes centre stage. Our motto of “passion for excellence” has characterised Anton Mosimann’s revolutionary innovations in fine food since the earliest days, and remains superbly evident in every flavour that graces the palate in a Mosimann’s culinary experience.

The influence of Anton Mosimann upon British and international food has been profound. It is testament to the breadth of his vision and the depth of his understanding of the essence of great cooking that many of the principles he outlined in the mid-eighties, such as his invention in 1985 of “Cuisine Naturelle” – a healthful way of cooking that eschews the common European enhancements of butter, cream and alcohol and emphasises the freshest ingredients and cooking methods – are more relevant today than ever before.

The moot point that the best cuisine begins with the best ingredients is an everyday reality in the kitchens of Mosimann’s. Each dish is lovingly crafted from the finest that the season has to offer, sourced regionally as much as possible. Mosimann’s cooking aims to give these ingredients their truest voice, carefully orchestrated in a harmony of flavour that transcends trends and time.

Gentle cooking methods such as poaching and steaming that maximally preserve natural nutrients, the reduction of additives such as fat and salt and using alternative ways of enhancing flavour, such as herbs and marinades, are all hallmarks of Mosimann’s cuisine.

The typical menu at Mosimann’s offers an enticing palette of best-in-season specialities, and the perennial Mosimann favourites including classics such as risotto ai funghi, Anton’s Caesar salad, steak tartar, marinated salmon and crabmeat, and Anton’s bread and butter pudding.

Address: 11B Halkin Street London SW1X 8JL

Tel: 0207 235 9625


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