Mount Charles Catering Ltd

Mount Charles CateringIt is with great pleasure I introduce you to the world of Mount Charles.

Since the company was formed in 1988, it has grown and developed to the point where we now hold the coveted position as Northern Irelands largest independent and locally owned catering organisation.

Our extensive range of services includes catering, cleaning, vending and facilities management to industry and commerce, education and healthcare. In addition we also provide catering, hospitality and bar services forconcert halls and theatres throughout Northern Ireland.

This position has been attained as a result of the total dedication and commitment of our staff who not only regard catering as their profession, but also their passion.

Accepting excellence as our minimum standard is fundamental to our success and this philosophy ensures we are in a position to meet the demanding and ever changing needs of our valued clients and customers.

Address: Mount Charles Catering Ltd Ascot House 24-31 Shadtesbury Square Belfast BT2 7DB

Tel: 028 9032 0070

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