Nincomsoup Ltd

NincomsoupNincomsoup is a fast food diner specialising in soups, juices and coffee. Nincomsoup was founded by two brothers Ben and Tom Page-Phillips to provide a healthy alternative to the usual fast food suspects that litter the high street.


Nincomsoup’s aim is to provide ‘real food’ served with the same efficiency and convenience that we have come to expect from the big fast food operators. By ‘real food’ we mean food that provides a balanced diet, food that we can eat 365 days a year, food that feeds the mind as well as the body.


In November 1999 The two brothers finished their business plan having tasted their way through the fast food markets of both the UK and the US, they sold their house, Ben quit his job, Tom got out of bed and all their money went into the ‘soup pot’. In April 2000 they signed the lease for the Old Street site, ironically, the former site of a well known burger bar chain. A year later thanks to the creative talents of Daam and N.B. Studio and the hard labour of Two Up Two Down, Nincomsoup finally opened the doors in May 2001 and the ladeling began.

Address: Nincomsoup Ltd 5-7 St Agnes Well Old Street Station London EC1Y 1BE

Tel: 0207 193 4869


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