yapjobs-logo-colourYapJobs is the brand new way for people to find work in the hospitality and service sectors by connecting premium employers with the best candidates in real-time, filling roles often on the day that they arise. Using powerful tech and Artificial Intelligence, YapJobs matches employers with job seekers instantly.  YapJobs is a beautifully designed app with a simple and visually rich interface that displays images showing exactly what the restaurants, hotel, shop or other workplace is like. Employers have their own branded pages so that they can ensure that their roles look good and stand out.

Benefits of choosing YapJobs when hiring staff:

  • Free account. Post unlimited jobs for free on our platform. Why? Because we love a world that works.
  • A customised business page. We make sure your business has an attractive personalised profile. Just to save you time.
  • 20 applicants in 20 hours. Our powerful tech instantly matches you with the most suitable candidates nearby. Pretty cool, right?

CEO of YapJobs, Shahzad Ali comments:  “I grew up in the heat of a restaurant and know that the people employed are the lifeblood of the service industry. But I also know how the wrong environment can make it a very difficult place to work which has an impact on staff retention. That’s why I launched YapJobs, to help the best people find work quickly in the places that they really want to work. We want to use technology to help drive a real change in the industry, ensuring that people are also matched to company culture which will help promote a better working environment across the board. We don’t want people to be wage slaves. We want them to find the jobs that make them feel happy, empowered and fulfilled so they are more likely to stay and perform better in those roles.”

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