BaxterStorey approved to deliver Institute of Hospitality Qualifications

BaxterStorey chefBaxterStorey is the first ever hospitality operator to be awarded Approved Centre status by the Institute of Hospitality, enabling the company to deliver Institute of Hospitality qualifications from its offices in Reading.

John Cunningham MIH, director of professional development, Institute of Hospitality, said:

“For BaxterStorey to take this enterprising step indicates how highly they value the quality and practicality of our Management Diplomas.  For many years their employees have taken our Diplomas through another of our Approved Centres – Westminster Kingsway College.  This new commitment gives BaxterStorey even greater reach and flexibility in their delivery of training and development.”

In his external examination of BaxterStorey prior to granting centre approval, Mike Turner FIH observed:

“Staff development is a core activity within BaxterStorey and spans across all levels of the organisation.  The core Training and Development team is located at the Reading office and there is hardly a weekday on which no training of some description is happening somewhere in the organisation.”

Graham Eveleigh MIH, Head of Skills Development, BaxterStorey, said:

“We are delighted to be the only company within the hospitality industry to have been awarded Approved Centre status. BaxterStorey is committed to the training and development of our people and sees the Institute of Hospitality as a fundamental stepping stone to enhancing their management skills. We look forward to delivering the training programmes from our own facilities in Reading and hope to expand this to other areas of the business in the future.”

BaxterStorey staff

BaxterStorey has been granted Centre Approval for the delivery and assessment of the following qualifications:

·     INTRODUCTORY LEVEL: Level 2 Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Operations

·     INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

·     ADVANCED LEVEL: Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Institute of Hospitality has a number of Approved Centres across the UK, including Westminster Kingsway College, Central Sussex College and Kendal College in the Lake District.  There are also training consultancies approved to deliver IOH qualifications, but this is the first time a hospitality business has gained Approved Centre status.

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