Digitalising Allergen Information

A year into the allergen regulations and out of home food providers continue to struggle with the practical implementation of allergen compliance.

The EU regulation on allergens now requires all UK food businesses to provide customers with accurate information on allergenic ingredients contained in all dishes served. It sounds like a simple concept but as any chef will tell you, labelling and food storage is not their top priority on a busy Saturday.

With the law in place and EHO officers on the lookout for allergen record keeping and proof that information is given to customers correctly, restaurants and caterers are constantly fighting a battle to remain compliant. There’s also the real threat of a large fine and potential legal issues to contend with.

Among the key practical matters is how to track allergenic ingredients with minimal cost and without sacrificing accuracy. Digitalising recipes with easy to use products, such as Kafoodle Kitchen, is an ideal solution. This is a cloud-based menu management system, endorsed by the BHA and the Restaurant Association and designed with allergen compliance in mind. It enables kitchens to upload, store and share recipes across multiple outlets, automatically highlighting allergens and calculating the nutrition in any dish. Unlike other similar systems it also connects directly through to the front of house staff who can access each dish via a tablet or computer instantly to advise the customer on any allergens present in the meal, furthermore the information is also accessible to the public via a free app.

The benefits to a food outlet whether it’s a Michelin starred restaurant or grab and go café cannot be denied; foremost is the assurance that the outlet is 100% compliant with the EUFIC regulation. But there are a number of other benefits such as the increase in income and revenue it can bring by specifically targeting the 45% of the UK population who are affected by food allergies and intolerances.


It also covers off a number of practical considerations from cutting down on paperwork, to ensuring consistency across menus and offering a complete audit trail, as well as keeping a complete catalogue and history of the recipes in the kitchen, even if a chef takes a recipe when he leaves.

And let’s not forget the customer! By providing them with a reliable and up to date menu, outlets will gain the trust of that valuable 45% of the population looking for somewhere they can eat in confidence.

If you would like to find out more about how Kafoodle Kitchen can assist your business please call us on 020 7395 6880 or email

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