Dojo helps people find London’s hidden gems


Three Bristol graduates; Robin, Nick and Devran (all 24) have created an app to help Londoners solve the problem of “what shall I do today?”

iPhone app, Dojo, lets people find nearby restaurants, pop-ups, cafes, bars, speakeasies, yoga classes and art exhibitions - with a particular focus on independent, hidden gems.

“Our vision was to create one platform where people can go to find the really special places hidden away in the busy city.” explains Robin Shimmin, CEO.

Within just eight weeks of launch, Dojo has racked up 25,000 downloads and is growing by approximately 500 users per day according to the founders.

“Our current focus is simple, the content must be completely refreshing every day” said Devran, COO.

The friends plan to grow their London user-base significantly before expanding across cities in Europe.

Download the app (iPhone only for now) free here:

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