E.ON offers tailored energy saving advice to Britain’s hospitality companies.

Britain’s hotels and restaurants could make savings on their energy bills by upgrading their equipment, improving their energy efficiency and changing their behaviour. This ranges from simple measures such as identifying the most energy-hungry appliances to replacing old or inefficient heaters and refrigerators.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAE.ON’s Energy Toolkit is a package of help and advice for small business designed to cut costs but delivered in a way which doesn’t disrupt normal business life. Customers can also request a free wireless energy monitor giving a real-time display of how their electricity use stacks up and access to bespoke energy efficiency advice relevant to their business.

Energy management in practice

By using E.ON’s monitor and taking advantage of tailored energy efficiency advice, Lime Indian restaurant in Nottingham was able to substantially cut its energy bills. Sohail Rana from Lime explains: “With all the kitchen appliances we need, as well as the lighting and air conditioning, energy is one of our biggest single costs and can amount to as much as 10% of our total outgoings.

tailored energy saving

“The energy monitor from E.ON really opened our eyes to the running costs of certain items. We could see the impact of our energy usage instantly and quickly learned the air conditioning units were the most expensive items to run. We now only use them when they’re needed, rather than leaving them on out of habit, and that simple change has seen real savings – around £1,400 per year just by implementing some simple changes.”


Where could you take action?

The top three draws on power for most businesses are room and water heating, air conditioners and refrigerators. Lighting tends to be another major element.

Simply by monitoring where energy is used and being able to compare can help highlight exactly where businesses are using the most power and identify potential courses of action. The wireless energy monitor updates every 10 seconds so customers can instantly see the impact of turning appliances on or off.

  • Keep cool, cleverly – your customers’ comfort is key so being able to control settings is invaluable. Time it so the temperature’s right as people begin to arrive, and starts to cool towards the end of business;
  • It’s the same for produce – this depends on what you’re cooling. It must be cool enough to provide proper food safety and quality but don’t set it too low – for every 1oC you cool things down, the amount of energy goes up by about 2%1;
  • High-effiency condensing boilers are 90% efficient; running costs on older boilers can be over a third higher2;
  • Heat water at the point of use – in areas with light usage, like staff rooms and toilets, it’s much more efficient and will let you turn the main boiler off in summer;
  • Choose LED spotlights – they use less than a fifth of the energy of Tungsten Halogen3;
  • Use motion sensors where possible – light toilets, cellars and stockrooms only when needed;
  • Don’t leave items on when not being used, or pre-warming ovens and the like hours before they’re needed. Pizza ovens, conveyor toasters and hobs are common culprits for overuse;
  • Use sensor grills – new models can detect when something is placed on the grill and heat up in seconds, saving up to 75% in energy4.

Start saving today

To help with relevant advice, E.ON offers all its business customers a tailored energy saving advice line, where advisers get to know a customer and their business to see where and when they are wasting energy and by identifying areas where changes can be made to improve efficiency.

Speak to our team about how we can help your business on 0330 400 1144.

1 http://www.carbontrust.com/media/13055/ctg046_refrigeration_systems.pdf

2 Modern boilers convert gas to heat with 90% efficiency whereas older boilers can lost over 30%. http://www.which.co.uk/home-and-garden/heating-water-and-electricity/reviews/boilers/page/faqs/

3 Using a 7W LED instead of a 35W tungsten bulb saves 80% on energy costs -www.carbontrust.com/media/147025/ctg010_display_lighting_aw.pdf

4 http://www.greenhotelier.org/our-themes/energy-efficiency-in-the-kitchen/

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