Food Fit – Get your menu into shape

This year has seen the boom of calorie capped menus, driven by health-conscious consumers who increasingly expect to be able to make informed decisions while eating out of home.

1. Alternative grains: Allergen-aware consumers are increasingly seeking alternatives to wheat. People following a gluten-free diet should opt for gluten-free options such as millet, corn, quinoa and polenta.

2. Oily Fish: Health-conscious consumers are driving a rising demand for oily fish on menus. Fresh tuna and salmon are popular choices, while cheaper, lesser-known alternatives include zander and bonito.

3. Asian Accession: Pan-Asian cuisine using fresh produce and low-fat proteins can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Try offering light simple broths or small noodle salads at lunchtime to attract those watching the calories.

Read on for top tips on bringing these trends to life within your operation. All recipes within this guide are capped at 600 calories per main meal and 300 calories per individual dessert for delicious food that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Read the full Food Fit Trend guide for tips and advice on how to bring these trends to life here: HERE


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