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People working in the events and hospitality industry need ‘me-time’.  But that is challenging when we are usually working hours when most of the rest of the world appears to be winding down…  As well as being expected to work at being hospitable even at the most inhospitable times, the expectations from our visitors, guests and attendees get greater every day and the competition is ever more fierce. But we love it!

Why? Because providing exceptional experiences, creating memorable moments, providing inspiring environments to stimulate world-changing ideas and making people feel special, comfortable, relaxed and informed is what we do. Problem is that we need to do it best to stay ahead. This is why investing in education is crucial. Our global competitors know this and are investing heavily in up-skilling their workforces, ensuring they can provide exceptional experiences to the ever more complex and varied demands of businesses and people. We also need to understand the value of what we do to influence those who invest in us, support us and build the infrastructure to sustain our industry. The challenge is how to make time to invest and how can we be sure it will pay off in the end?

How can I improve my knowledge and employability?

Some of this thinking is undoubtedly behind the UK Centre for Events Management's work with Pearson to develop the UK's first 100% online Masters in Events Management. The programme covers key areas in events from strategic planning to marketing, from creative thinking to human resources, from risk and financial management to operational planning  all critical knowledge for successful events management. The programme has been inspired by the success of our face-to-face and blended learning in hospitality where businesses have reported enhanced performance and increased profits from a more motivated, informed, strategically-minded, loyal work force.  However what is special about this programme is that the online experience has been built for  online learners, offering flexibility on when and how you learn, whether on your commute or at work or at home. As well as downloadable audio, videos, discussions, the programme offers free e-Texts, access to a vast library of resources, dedicated online tutors and a community of fellow learners to help you on your way. And the best news is that against the trend of ever growing fees, the online masters costs only £6000 and can be paid in 21 instalments.

So value and flexibility are key. But most important is the relevance of what you can learn. As well as giving professionals a competitive edge that is globally recognised in the form of a Masters qualification, the online MSc in Events Management is recognised by the British Hospitality Association as well as a number of other renowned events associations. The programme is aligned to the needs of businesses and uses case studies, trends reports, global insights and work-based assignments to make sure that employees and employers can benefit from the learning from the very first click.

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