Why hotel marketing & revenue management have to stop sleeping in separate beds

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In the wider commercial sector, the sales team often blames marketing for not generating enough good leads, and marketing criticises sales for not providing any feedback or customer insight.


The fact is, for a business to be really successful these two teams need to work together. Does the same friction exist in hotels, between revenue management and marketing?


The OTA effect

OTAs have totally disrupted the status quo as far as marketing and revenue management are concerned. Hotel marketers can no longer compete on Google search for direct customer acquisition, and revenue managers have seen their margins slashed because of OTA commissions. If hotels are to remain profitable, marketing and Revenue Management need to develop a joint strategy.


Creating alignment

Hotel marketing and revenue management teams need to start working more closely together, with a shared set of revenue and margin goals. They need a shared understanding of their customers and guests, and a systematic approach to the development of targeted propositions across their website, distribution channels, e-marketing and offline marketing.


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