How do consumers pay in your business?

LOGO CE_Vertical_EN_quadriEuropean Merchant Payment Acceptance Analysis

Your input matters!

Merchants incur considerable costs to process the payments made in their stores, be they by cash, card or other payment instrument. Improving the efficiency of the European payments market is an important policy goal of European public authorities. Among others, card payment fees have been increasingly scrutinised by regulatory and competition authorities in Europe. In particular, the European Commission has opened a number of antitrust investigations in this area.

Through this survey, the Commission is seeking to collect more information on the payments market, in particular on the usage of various payment means in the retail sector. The results of this survey, to which we kindly ask you to participate, will support the European Commission's analysis of the use of different payment instruments and its antitrust investigations of the fees charged by the various payment schemes. We would therefore encourage you to participate in the survey.

The survey targets merchants active in the retail trade and services sectors in 10 EU Member States (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden).

The questions relate to the annual number of transactions and the turnover your business makes with the various payment means that your company accepts. You can find these data in your accounting system, statements of your acquirer/provider or by making estimations and extrapolating to a yearly basis.


Participation to the survey is simple: please click on the link below, click on “First Time Users” and fill-out the survey.

The Commission has selected Deloitte to support this survey. If you have further questions, please contact Hans Demeyere or Leopold de Maere at Deloitte by phone on + 32 471 40 39 16 or + 32 475 78 26 21 or by e-mail or We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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