Insurance – It makes good sense

Six months on and our partnership with the BHA continues to grow. As the official insurance broker to the organisation and its members, NDML have been supporting the leading leisure and hospitality agenda setter in everyway possible, including attending the recent EU Allergen Regulations road show and writing several information lead articles for their news feature.

As the leading insurance broker to the leisure and hospitality industry we understand the diverse trading styles and associated risks that establishments face on a daily basis thus endeavor to provide comprehensive cover, competitive prices and award winning customer service for all scenarios.

With over 20 year’s experience, our team of specialist Account Executives, Account Handlers and Claims Managers offer unrivalled knowledge, understanding and authority in all insurance matters.

Committed to providing bespoke, tailor-made policies to suit every individual requirement, NDML regard insurance as an essential investment to safe guard your past, present and future. Yet it is strikingly surprising how many operators trading in this sector still do not have adequate cover to protect their business, employees or patrons in the event of a claim – worse still, some do not have any.

So why is it that insurance requirements still evade some operators?? With over 20 years experience we have heard many excuses, below are a selection of the most common:

  • I can't afford it. There are many reputable insurance companies on the market offering competitive rates, however ensure you source British based A’ rated insurers for the best coverage. Often the cheapest is not the better option and might leave you in dire straits but you can not put a price on complete protection.
  • I don't need it. Your business is your livelihood. What would you do without it? You insure your home, your car, yourself - why wouldn't you insure your business??
  • My customers would never sue me. In the current ‘no win, no fee’ society, anybody can and will sue if given the opportunity. The sad fact is that you would have to be very well liked for your customers to pass up the opportunity of making hundreds or thousands of pounds from a claim
  • My business isn't worth insuring. The business you operate may be worth more than you think.


Ensure you are not making the same mistakes and using the same excuses.


"NDML make insuring your business easy” Mr Andrew Steetly – The Inception Group, London


For further information contact BHA Business Partner NDML


Visit NDML website or call 0844 488 9205. 



NDML, specialist insurance brokers to the leisure and hospitality industry work in partnership with experts from all fields and can advise on the above.  Be sure to read your policy wording and if you have any concerns that you cannot comply with the conditions then take the necessary action now – it might save you a lot of heartache further down the line. 

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