Launching Test in a Box – on-site allergen test kits


Reducing cross-contamination and ensuring effective clean down

Following the launch of Food Information Regulations EU1169/2011 all food service providers now have to ensure allergen information is clearly accessible for customers.

This not only means ensuring the information is readily available but also means the information must be accurate.

Cross-contamination is an issue for all food service providers and may result in in-accurate labelling if not accounted for.

Genon Laboratories have worked to develop a simple and easy to use kit to ensure cross-contamination is minimised and clean down procedures are effective.

The kit is a simple swab used to test the surface for allergen residues. The data can be recorded in our information packs and kept to demonstrate measures have been taken to reduce cross contamination and effective clean down.

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Visit for more information on how you can use a simple and cost effective on site allergen test to ensure the information you are providing to your customer is accurate.

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