Launching the BHA energy partnership with Utilitywise

To help BHA members get the best deal out of their energy contracts, find ways to reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint, BHA has launched an Energy Partnership with Utilitywise plc.

The partnership can offer our members a range of products and services that can significantly reduce energy consumption. Utilitywise has a great deal of experience in helping businesses reduce their energy consumption and currently manages over 35,500 meters.

A complete energy management service

Utilitywise provides businesses with a complete energy management service. Utilitywise can help you determine whether your energy procurement needs are best serviced by fixed, flexible, portfolio or semi-flexible contracts, and help you improve the energy efficiency of your business. Utilitywise can also assist with any legislative obligations businesses may have, from DECs and EPCs to the Carbon Reduction Commitment and the EU Emissions Trading System.

Utilitywise employees also get out and about on the road. Our technicians operate nationwide and conduct Energy Audits on businesses throughout the UK, identifying energy efficiency projects and opportunities. They also carry out the projects and regularly install smart meters and Edd:e, our circuit level energy monitoring system.

An energy efficiency roadmap

Good energy management is becoming a business essential. The increasingly complex market means that energy prices are unlikely to drop. Increasing your energy efficiency and reducing consumption is the only way to make real savings.

Energy management is time-consuming, especially for businesses operating from more than one site. Utilitywise products and services provide you with a four steps to energy efficiency.

The first step: Account Care

Utilitywise energy consultants will assess your current energy contracts to ensure that the best value is being extracted from your energy supplier and make sure you don’t get rolled over into out of contract rates. If you’re operating from more than one site, they will also make sure all of your energy contracts are placed with the same supplier and have the same contract end dates, significantly cutting your administrative burden.

The second step: Energy Health Check

The Energy Health Check provides you with an energy efficiency rating and benchmarks your business premises against others of similar size and type. The Energy Health Check is similar to a DEC or EPC and is free to BHA members.

The third step: Energy Audit

The Energy Audit is an on-site survey by accredited Utilitywise energy surveyors. The audit report is delivered by one of our Energy Managers, who can talk you through the results and highlight the best energy saving projects. Each project shows the projected reduction in energy consumption, as well as the predicted payback period for each.

The fourth step: Ecofit

The Energy Audit will highlight various projects that can save you energy. Some of these projects will involve fitting new equipment and controls which can all be done by our Ecofit team working with your own staff.

The next step: true mastery over your energy consumption.

Utilitywise also offer a range of utility monitoring and other products that can significantly reduce your costs.


Edd:e gives you total visibility of your energy use – down to the individual circuit level. Connect Edd:e to a distribution board and it will measure the power passing through every circuit on the board, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. On average, Edd:e shows you ways to reduce energy consumption by 27%, and it has shown up to a 48.3% reduction.

Edd:e takes readings every five minutes, giving you an in-depth understanding of your energy use. It provides so much information that we provide a series of monthly desktop consultancy reports to help you interpret the data. The data from Edd:e is fed into a web-based reporting platform that you can access anywhere, at any time.

Utility Insight

Our web-based reporting platform takes the raw data provided by Edd:e and turns it into information anybody can understand. With Utility Insight you can produce highly visual reports that provide you with the information you need to make energy reductions across a site. Behavioural change programmes become particularly effective when they are backed up by Edd:e. For instance, the University of Bradford made a 33% reduction in energy consumption at the School of Health Studies by using Edd:e and Utility Insight as part of their behavioural change programme.

Water Services

Utilitywise can provide a number of water services, including bill management and validation, leakage detection, and dispute resolution. If you believe your water supplier is overcharging you or measuring your water consumption incorrectly, our Water Services team can help. They can also audit your water consumption and recommend efficiency measures and water recycling opportunities.

We can also help you with your water assets, including water and sewerage infrastructure. We provide a broad range of surveys and mapping services.

These products are backed up by the advice and technical expertise of Utilitywise staff who can help you identify energy and water waste and find ways to reduce your consumption.

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