One dish to rule them all

MenuSpring app showing restaurant page

MenuSpring app showing restaurant page

The restaurant experience has never been solely about the food; the service, atmosphere, (and drink’s menu) play a big part in our enjoyment of the night. Historically we have viewed them as a whole, rating them generally as ‘exceptional’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on overall satisfaction. But today the focus has drifted away from the establishment and the spotlight has moved towards individual dishes.

Amid the plethora of restaurants, spread across every corner of London and covering every possible cuisine and decorative style, it has become more and more difficult for new restaurants to stand out. In trying to establish their niche, up and coming restaurateurs are focusing their efforts on few key signature dishes that would separate them from the rest.

Just look at the slew of restaurant openings with smaller and smaller menus. The key to success it seems is establishing a reputation for having the best of something and making it to the top 10 list of that particular dish. Just look at some of today’s trending hot spots; Ross Shonhan’s Bone Daddies serving the best ramen noodles known to man, Ross Clarke’s Dirty Bones serving only hot dogs, the famous Burger and Lobster with their two options menu.

The rat race for the best dish is on full throttle. Take a peek on Instagram and you’ll be bombarded with mouthwatering pictures uploaded by ‘foodies’ – all focusing on just one thing, that dish. Browse through any food website and you’re bound to come across a top ten list.

Turn on popular TV food programmes like The best things I ever ate, The Perfect dish or even Man vs. Food – where the star of the show is always that ‘dish’.

This constant stream of delicious images has accelerated customer acceptance of new dishes and ingredients and has made food trends more global than ever before. Just ask Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the Cronut (think croissant-doughnut pastry) – an explosive food trend, leading to a patent and trademark in 5 countries!

So in a city like London, with too many food trends to keep track of, endless food blogs to delve into and new restaurants opening pretty much every other day, how can you hunt down that must-eat dish?

Well, at MenuSpring we’re making it easier than ever to find top-rated restaurants and dishes. There’s 800,000 dishes on our database in London – all location-based and searchable. So whether you’re craving a delicate Tuna tartare or a big fat Yorkshire pudding, if there’s a place in London serving that dish, we’ll find it for you.

And of course, in this digitally-led world we now live in, there’s no point snapping a pic and not sharing it on social media (that would be sacrilege!) MenuSpring also works as a food-focused social network where users can share photos with their friends on the app as well as Facebook and Twitter.

So if you’re keen to seek out that dish of the moment, or that secret gem in your corner of the city – there’s only one way to hunt it out, have a search on MenuSpring and we’ll tell you where you need to be. Happy eating!

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