Police week of action – are you prepared?

In a well-publicised initiative, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has announced that they will be carrying out a week of action on licensing and alcohol related harm during the week of 16th – 22nd September.

Whilst it will be down to each individual police force to determine what this will involve it is understood that there will be a period of increased enforcement action during the course of the week.

For operators this could mean enhanced checks by the local police force of your premises, to ensure compliance with the law and conditions that attach to your licence, as well as the possibility of increased test purchasing activity.

This initiative has been welcomed by some trade bodies, with the Association of Multiple Licensed Retailers indicating that they "are confident that retailers will come out of the week with glowing reports from their local police forces".

Whilst responsible operators should have little to fear from this week of action, we have set out below a number of points that operators should check to ensure that they are fully prepared for any increase in enforcement action that there may be in their local area:

  • Ensure that the premises licence summary is on display in your premises
  • Ensure that the full premises licence, and a copy of the current approved plan is on the premises and available for inspection
  • Display a notice under s.57 of the Licensing Act 2003, confirming who has custody of the licence
  • That all statutory signage, and any signage required in line with the licence conditions, is displayed e.g. 'No Smoking', T21/C25
  • That the DPS is still employed at the premises
  • That the authorisations for sale of alcohol are up to date and signed by a personal licence holder
  • That members of staff, including door supervisors, are aware of the relevant conditions on the licence and that these are being enforced
  • That any refusals books, incident books and signing in registers for members of door staff, as required under the terms of the licence are up to date
  • That all door staff are SIA registered
  • That all training records, particularly those in relation to underage sales, are up to date and that any refresher training has been carried out
  • That all CCTV systems are working and that recordings are being maintained for the requisite period of time as required by the terms of the licence

Should you require any further information about the 'Week of Action' then please do not hesitate to contact Ewen Macgregor.

- See more at: http://www.bonddickinson.com/insight/comment/police-week-action-are-you-prepared#sthash.7Bf53B4Q.dpuf

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