Vacherin’s first Sustainability and CSR Report

Vacherin’s first Sustainability & CSR Report reveals impressive commitment and achievement

CarrottSpecialist London caterer, Vacherin, has put its sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility stake firmly in the ground with the launch of its first Sustainability & CSR Report, Vacherin Cares 2014/15. It clearly sets out the specialist London caterer’s ongoing operational commitment to this crucial area and reveals strong sustainability successes throughout 2014/15.

Sustainability and CSR has always been at the heart of Vacherin and the new report confirms that their words have been put into clear, positive action. By ensuring that the business and all its employees, suppliers and partners operate in a responsible and ethical manner, huge savings in carbon emissions, water and waste have been achieved. The health and wellbeing of employees and customers and the welfare of animals have also been a core focus.

Vacherin Cares 2014/15 is an impressive read with sound evidence demonstrating that sustainability is an intrinsic and ever-evolving way of operating for Vacherin. Highlights include:

·       Top rating of Three Stars awarded by the SRA (Sustainable Restaurant Association)

·       Charted at number 10 in The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For in the UK

·       Increased recycling by 25% over the past 7 years, to over 75% in 2015.

·       Overall carbon emissions reduced by 5%, even with a 20% increase in revenue

·       Over 90% of animal products are now sourced from British farmers

·       All sites now cook with locally-sourced rapeseed oil, which is turned into biodiesel after use

·       Over 80% of disposables used are compostable or made from recycled products

·       Vacherin’s healthy eating initiative, Nutritious & Delicious, continues to help customers and clients stay well-informed with the option to make healthy food decisions, with over 20% of grab n go sales coming from the Nutritious & Delicious line

Red Meat Free Mondays

Since January 2014, the successful ‘Red Meat Free Mondays’ initiative has seen only fish or chicken served in participating Vacherin sites on a Monday. Extending to the workplace the social trend of reducing red meat intake at home and when eating out, the activity offers customers a healthier alternative and allows for well-informed dietary choices to be made.

The environmental impact has also been striking. In 2014, Red Meat-Free Mondays reduced Vacherin’s carbon emissions by 65 tonnes – that’s the same as flying around the world over nine times!

Add to that the increased health benefits, including decreasing the intake of saturated fats, reducing the chances of bowel and breast cancer, and lowering cholesterol intake, and it’s no wonder customers continue to whole-heartedly embrace Red Meat Free Mondays.

Good Eggs

As part of its commitment to local sourcing, Vacherin only uses free-range eggs from British Farms. In 2014 over 280,000 British free-range eggs were prepared. In recognition of this embedded policy and achievement, Compassion in World Farming recently awarded Vacherin the Good Egg Award.

Anthony Kingsley, Vacherin’s lead for sustainability and CSR, said about the Vacherin Cares report: “Sustainability and CSR reports are vital tools in encouraging our employees, clients, suppliers and partners in raising the bar on sustainability, and also inspiring the wider hospitality and foodservice industry to be transparent with their own social and environmental impacts. The report clearly lays out our commitment and operational dedication for all to see, but the true competitive advantage comes when we can benchmark our progress and show our stakeholders year-on-year improvements, and our Vacherin Cares Report does just that.”

Phil Roker, Vacherin’s Commercial Director, added: “Sustainability and CSR is not about being seen to tick the right boxes, it’s about taking positive action to do what’s right for the planet and society. This philosophy underpins how our business has operated from day one. The Vacherin Cares 2014/15 report takes our ongoing commitment to the next level and ensures transparency and accountability. We are very proud of the report and the strong message and results it communicates. All our stakeholders and the wider industry can be very clear on where we stand on sustainability and CSR, and we encourage those in our industry to follow our lead on the transparency and accountability of environmental and social impacts of business operations.

“Keeping up the momentum, for 2015/16 we are increasing our focus on food provenance, nutrition and waste management. The Vacherin Cares report will be produced annually and we look forward to more outstanding results next year.”

The Vacherin Cares 2014/15 report can be downloaded at

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