We’re all going on a smartphone holiday

IHG plan dreamSmartphone revealed as one of the most important items for two in five travellers to pack 

Forget the sun cream, magazines and guide books. More than 10,000 travellers across 13 countries worldwide confirm the must-have item for a summer holiday is a smartphone as revealed by new research by IHG®.

According to the research by IHG® Rewards Club, nearly 40% of global travellers agree that their smartphone is the most important item to take on holiday - with over half (56%) of UK travellers surveyed revealing they will use it every single day. As a result, 1 in 10 travellers clock an impressive average of 70 hours online while on holiday - almost 20% of the actual time spent on a two week holiday.

The top ten uses of smartphones by British holidaymakers are:

  1. Checking work emails – 68%
  2. Navigation / Maps – 67%
  3. Texting – 64%
  4. Taking holiday photos – 51%
  5. Making calls – 34%
  6. Playing games – 30%
  7. Updating Facebook / Twitter – 30%
  8. Snapping pictures of meals – 28%
  9. Skype-ing friends/family – 28%
  10. Taking selfies – 16%

The research also revealed:

  • Two thirds of Brits turn to technology to avoid getting lost on holiday, choosing to be guided by smartphones over a traditional map.
  • Technology is fast replacing the classic postcard with 67% of respondents saying they use it to text friends and another 28% to Skype loved ones back home, while away.
  • A third of Brits stay connected to home by using social media every day, so much so that it’s the last thing they do before sleep.
  • Two fifths of Brits say planning the holiday is the best part, with more than a third (34%) spending over a day researching their trip

Susanna Freer-Epstein, Senior Vice President Customer Loyalty Marketing, IHG saidIHG is a brand and consumer driven company. We use insight to anticipate consumer trends and behaviour. This research shows how mobile technology is revolutionising the holiday experience – from enabling travellers to dream about and plan their holidays, to helping enjoy the trip itself and share their experiences with their friends and family.”



Infographics source: InterContinental® Hotels Group (IHG®)

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