Young Female Cooks for BBC2 Series

Further Back In Time Maid

Further Back In Time Maid


Wall to Wall are looking for an outgoing young female cook to travel #backintime for a BBC2 series this summer

Wall to Wall television, the makers of hit series ‘Back In Time For Dinner’ and ‘Back In Time for the Weekend’ are looking for an outgoing young female cook to go on an adventure back in time this summer.

Guided by the experiences of real households in the early 20th century, she will be fast-forwarded through 50 years of incredible history to explore how we lived, worked, dressed and dined.

Previous living history series Back in Time for Dinner and Back in Time for the Weekend for BBC2 were both extremely well received and were among BBC2’s top rating factual shows last year, averaging 3 million viewers a week.

Both programmes followed a modern family as they lived through each decade from the 1950s to the 1990s with their home, clothes and diet all transformed accordingly. Everything they did was underpinned by historical data that detailed real spending and eating habits of each period.

Wall to Wall are now looking for a young woman aged between 18 and 30 who is confident in the kitchen and keen to immerse herself in history. She will tackle kitchen management before the age of modern conveniences, learn about day-to-day meals during the decades and put her cooking skills to the test both in and outside of the home.

If this sounds like you, email for an application form

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