BHA forms strategic partnership with Flexy to support 10-year employment strategy

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has announced a new partnership with Flexy, to support their 10-year staffing strategy.

The BHA’s 10-year plan outlines several core areas of focus to minimise the potential employment impact that the UK leaving the EU will have on staffing levels within the hospitality sector. Flexy will work in partnership with the BHA to help the hospitality sector innovate staffing methods in line with the modern workforce, and unlock the segment of the UK population who can work, want to work, but perceive the barrier to entry too great and inflexible.

Flexy is described as a “next-generation staffing agency”, and was started in 2015 by an Occupational Psychologist and a Data Scientist who set out to build an intelligent flexible staffing solution which unlocks the opportunities of the gig-economy, but in such a way that ensures candidate standards are maintained, and employment law is adhered to.

In simple terms, Flexy offers a platform to find, book and pay a flexible workforce; but behind the scenes it’s far more powerful. Flexy analyses hundreds of worker characteristics including personality types, experience, location, interests, and skillsets, and uses this information to match workers from their database to specific jobs. By making data-driven decisions on candidate suitability, they are able to review infinitely more candidates than a traditional temp agency, and therefore make the process better for both workers and hires.

Oliver Crofton, Managing Director at Flexy, commented:
“We’re delighted to be supporting the BHA, during what is a critical moment in time for the hospitality industry. With the level of employment in the sector expected to grow by 500,000 over the next 10-years, companies need to innovate now to adapt to the changing employment landscape, or risk being left behind.”

“We’ve seen from our work in the retail sector that getting the right personality of worker into the most suitable job is vital for performance, reliability and retention. Hospitality is very much like retail, in that both industries rely heavily on people, and therefore placing the right worker in the right role has a direct impact on customer experience.”

Although Flexy is a relative newcomer to the staffing industry, they have already attracted over 12,000 workers on their platform, and boast a client list of over 400 employers. Providing the hospitality sector with a solution to the growing employment demand, and expected shortage of candidates, was a crucial factor for the BHA when selecting a new employment partner.

Commenting on the partnership Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the BHA, said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Flexy.

“Our industry and the staffing needs of our businesses are extremely dynamic. This dynamism is even more pronounced in today's uncertain climate. Given risks associated to Brexit, potential curbs on immigration and a consequent squeeze on the labour market, we need to up our game as an industry. In addition to offering our members immediate recruitment solutions, Flexy will work with the BHA to deliver a nationwide campaign promoting Hospitality as a career of choice.”

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