BHA responds to EFRA food waste report

EFRA Select Committee has published a report  on food waste. In it, it recommends that, “a large proportion of unnecessary waste in the hospitality sector is the result of large portion sizes and resulting waste left on customers’ plates. The incoming Government must work with the hospitality sector to encourage it to examine ways of preventing plate wastage, for example, by offering smaller portions, by providing clarity on the sides that arrive with a meal, reducing the amount of sides, and encouraging take-home service for leftovers."

Responding to this, Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the British Hospitality Association, said: “The hospitality industry serves more than 8.3 billion meals each year. The BHA will support businesses to control portion sizes as calorie guidelines are produced by PHE over the coming year. Our first Industry Nutrition Guide, which will be published imminently, recognises the need for change by equipping catering professionals at all levels with the nutrition know-how to provide healthier choices for their customers. Hospitality and Catering businesses have already made great strides in producing healthier options, showing that the industry is more than willing to work with government to meet their challenging nutrition targets.”

In addition, Lisa Ackerley, Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner and food expert for the BHA said:

“Doggy bags are a good way of reducing waste as long as they are managed properly and safely. Many restaurants allow customers to take left-over foods away with them, and have containers specially for this purpose. However, it is important that people keep the foods in the fridge and eat within a day of bringing home. If any of the food needs reheating, they should make sure it is piping hot throughout and discard any reheated leftovers.”




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