BHA stands up for BHA members over false reviews on TripAdvisor

Martin Couchman OBE Deputy Chief Executive British Hospitality Association

Martin Couchman OBE
Deputy Chief Executive
British Hospitality Association

Martin Couchman OBE, deputy chief executive of the British Hospitality Association, who is in talks with TripAdvisor about hotel and restaurants concerns, said: “People threatening restaurants and hotels with bad TripAdvisor reviews to extort freebies is a problem which has been growing. While it’s very difficult to put an exact figure on how widespread the problem is, it is clear that there is a small minority of online reviewers who are either directly or indirectly blackmailing hotels and restaurants for their own gain. Even just one or two bad reviews can have huge consequences for a business’s reputation.

"For example, people may attempt to blackmail during the meal. While it can be difficult to prove that somebody has held your business to ransom in this way, we would advise that business owners do not respond – or make free offers – to reviewers they suspect are malicious. I would ask hospitality business owners to contact TripAdvisor or the British Hospitality Association if they are concerned about malicious reviews.

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4 Responses to “BHA stands up for BHA members over false reviews on TripAdvisor”

  1. Ronke Akinlamilo - Manchester UK

    A customer booked a single room for a single occupancy, checked-in on her own. However, around 3 a.m, came back to the Establishment with her boyfriend. The boyfriend and the booker were asked to come downstairs to talk but refused to leave the single room. They were offered another single room for the night but rejected it. Shouting abusive words and disturbing the peace of other paying guest to the extent that a guest next door came out of her room. Thereafter, Police were called as I had to protect the guest and myself. She and her boyfriend ran away after the police were called.
    Since I did not give her a refund in accordance with her booking term and conditions, she sent a bad review to TripAdvisor.
    I contacted TripAdvisor twice but was told that the review did not violate their guidelines!

  2. Luca Rizzardi

    Dear Sirs,
    Let me express all my sympathy for all your efforts against all those false reviews….I’ve just read the news….Unfortunately, the tripadvisor system has something wrong, if one can adfirm virtually anything of anyone! Shame on these people, the right word is: blackmail! I will do my best to make this news circulate and fight such bad behaviours (like some taxi drivers in Rome, asking 4x fares to unaware tourists!).
    Regards, Luca Rizzardi – Verona Italy

  3. tony burns

    Just had a review left on TA which is malicious and contains false statements which can be easily proved. Have challenged the review with TA who state it does not violate their guidelines. I am prepared to respond and accept opinions but not to accept false accusations. Simply the facts are a pre authorisation of a credit card was taken as standard on check in, the guest has had the reserved funds not released by her bank, accusing us though of keeping her money, all explanations and notices are made re Pre authorisation and we have paper trail showing all efforts on our behalf in explaining and assisting to resolve this matter.