BHA supports French Legislature in move to ban Rate Parity

The British Hospitality Association has welcomed news this week that the French government is likely to bring in new legislation to ban rate parity clauses in contracts between hoteliers and Online Travel Agents (OTAs). The proposed law, which still has to go through the French Senate in the coming weeks, will allow customers to shop around for the best hotel room price rather than seeing only one price across all websites.

The BHA has been actively lobbying in the UK and in Europe to support fair commercial practices in the hotel booking sector. In January, the BHA submitted a full report to the French Competition Commission calling on them to promote competition by prohibiting rate parity.

Legal and Policy Director at the BHA said: “Our reason was simple, rate parity restricts competition and prevents consumers from shopping around and finding lower prices. If rate parity clauses were banned then hotels could offer lower public rates for direct bookings.

As an industry, we work with OTAs and are happy to pay for the service of driving bookings that we wouldn’t attract on our own. However for customers that the hotels could attract directly through offers, loyalty, search results, recommendations and reviews, the hotel is able to save a significant commission fee.

The French legislative decision will free up the market by restoring competitive pricing to customers and encouraging customers to shop around for the best deal.

The BHA commends the French Assembly for taking this move and encourages the French Senate to follow suit when they vote on this matter in two weeks’ time. With Germany and France taking a clear stance on rate parity, we look to the EU and Competition and Markets Authority in the UK to harmonize the cross-border position and allow customers and businesses to benefit from a fair and competitive market for online hotel booking.”

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