From Farm to Fork – Hospitality industry is taking steps to tackle annual food wastage

In the UK, an estimated £2.5bn of food is wasted each year by the hospitality industry.

To help tackle this problem in Wales, the British Hospitality Association (BHA) is teaming up with food sustainability experts WRAP Cymru. Together they will be trialling a pilot which aims to increase resource efficiency in the food and drink sector. The pilot will be rolled out at six food and service management businesses across Wales, throughout June, with the first visit taking place today (21 June).

BHA’s Food Safety Adviser, Dr Lisa Ackerley and BHA Executive Director for Wales, David Chapman will visit the six businesses to help them implement a suite of handy resources entitled ‘Your Business is Food – don’t throw it away’ (YBIF), while also ensuring food safety is not affected as the new processes are applied.

The pilot seeks to reduce food waste from kitchen through to plate, through management of procurement, selling surplus, portion sizes, menu planning, trialling ‘doggy boxes’ schemes and improved staff and customer communications.

The WRAP funded project will help test the effectiveness of YBIF and help the businesses to track, cost and reduce their avoidable kitchen food waste during meal production through trialling the new YBIF programme.

By being more efficient with food, business will benefit in multiple ways. Less food wastage means increased profits through reduced operating, purchasing and waste disposal costs. Importantly this initiative will also benefit the environment through decreasing the amount of food and packaging ending up in landfill.

Speaking about the project, Dr Lisa Ackerley said:
“We are really excited to have this chance to work with businesses and help them reduce their food waste. I will also be discussing the importance of making sure that food safety is not compromised by any action taken. To be able to lower the amount of money wasted on throwing food away will be a win-win for the industry and the environment.”

Also commenting, David Chapman, said:
“The Businesses we have contacted here in Wales have been really keen to get involved with the pilot and find out how they can improve the way they handle their food wastage. After the project conclusion, the BHA will remain a support centre for any business that wishes to get in touch to learn more or get involved.”

The WRAP YBIF materials will be available for businesses to download via the BHA website.

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