Hospitality industry concerned about possible Welsh tourism tax

Commenting on the possibility of a Welsh tourism tax coming in to force, Anthony Rosser, chair of the British Hospitality Association in Wales, said:

“We think that a specific tourism tax is a bad idea for Wales and its successful visitor economy. We already have very real worries over the recent "cauldron of costs" that have boiled over in the last 18 months, including increases in business rates, wage increases, rising inflation and food and energy hikes. This has the potential to undermine business sustainability, investment and, most importantly, our employment plans.

Mr Rosser also said: "Increasing costs like this will, of course, be handing an unfair advantage to our competitiors in England."

He continued: "We are not "crying wolf" or making any political points here. Our concerns are entirely economic. Taxes will have a direct impact on jobs and hospitality supports around 135,000 jobs in Wales with many others in areas such as food production, supply and construction. We welcome the Welsh government’s recognition of the contribution our industry makes towards communities in every part of Wales and wants to help our industry grow, not contract. These are all points that we will seek to progress with Welsh Government once the information on consultation is available."

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