Important information on Personal Licence Renewals in England and Wales

Alcoholic drinksThe Home Office has today, 16 December 2014, released details of the simplified arrangements for the renewal of those Personal Licences which are due to expire over the coming months before the Deregulation Bill, now before Parliament, abolishes the need to renew. The Bill is unlikely to become law before March/April 2015 and personal licence holders whose licences expire before than will have to renew by completing the application form, which forms the schedule to the attached Regulations. Please click here for the Regulations. The Home Office has already issued guidance on these temporary arrangements which you can find here.

We advise that you read the guidance for licence holders before completing the form. The Regulations have to be approved by Parliament, and they are expected to come into force on 5 January, which means that the new form can be used from 5 January- just in time for the first renewals under the Licensing Act.

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