Sir Howard Bernstein Shares His Success With Key Hospitality Leaders at the BHA Summit

Sir Howard Bernstein

Sir Howard Bernstein

Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, Sir Howard Bernstein shared the story of the City’s growth and success when addressed the British Hospitality Association’s Summit on Monday 27th June.

Sir Howard told leading industry figures and politicians how, by putting the city before politics and working closely with business, both regionally and beyond the north west, Manchester has been able to become a thriving and influential city and a champion of hospitality and tourism.

Speaking at the BHA Summit, Sir Howard, who has been CEO of Manchester City Council since 1998, said: “Manchester’s recent evolution has been down to a number of key events. But the City has long held a vision, which was set out in 1994 in the City Pride Prospectus, a long-term plan for our economic and social regeneration. One of the key things it highlighted at the time, and which has stayed a priority was the importance of partnership working.

“Manchester has also set itself challenging goals to position Manchester as a successful international destination and further develop Manchester as a leading events destination. We continually strive to improve what we offer to both business and visitors.

“As a leading regional centre competing on a world stage we like to benchmark ourselves alongside cities such as Barcelona, Munich, Gothenburg, Chicago, Montreal and Melbourne.”

The Hospitality and Tourism Summit on 27th June 2016, was the most influential event of its kind, providing over 500 industry leader with a chance to connect with their peers, agenda-setters, members of the government and the media for discussions that is already shaping our future path towards growth.

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