The Big Conversation unites hospitality leaders and next-generation workers in next wave of industry’s biggest jobs push

Big Hospitality Conversation make a pledgeThe Big Hospitality Conversation comes to KPMG, Canary Wharf, on January 27th 2014

The British Hospitality Association, Springboard and Business in the Community are set to galvanise the hospitality and tourism industry to invest in young people with the latest ‘Big Conversation’ in partnership with KPMG.

Set to take place at KPMG, Canary Wharf on January 27th, the event will bring together influential leaders from leading hospitality businesses and invite them to meet young people, stimulating dialogue and encouraging more quality work experience, apprenticeships and jobs in the UK for 16-24 year olds.  As well as generating work and opportunities, the Big Conversation enables the industry, through the BHA, to take a powerful message to government on hospitality’s significant contribution to economic recovery, tackling youth unemployment and stimulating growth.

In the past twelve months over 1,200 industry representatives have attended the Big Hospitality Conversation events, pledging the creation of 33,000 new job opportunities between now and 2015 (with more to come).

Led by the British Hospitality Association and supported by the Business in the Community (BiTC) – one of the Prince of Wales’s charities, aimed at promoting Talent & Skills leadership across sectors in the UK and The Springboard Charity – The Big Conversation initiative will be hosted by KPMG and BHA partners Springboard and Barclays.  Barclays has partnered with the BHA to support the industry body’s goal of creating 60,000 new jobs in the sector by 2015.

Says BHA CEO Ufi Ibrahim:  “The Big Conversation gives industry leaders and young people the opportunity to meet, face to face.  It gives young people a voice and is a powerful way for businesses to understand and respond to the challenges.  More than just a talking forum, the Big Conversation leads to real opportunities, apprenticeships and work placements which in turn help to stimulate economic growth.  This is a powerful message for the hospitality industry to take to Government.”

Marianne Fallon, Head of Corporate Affairs at KPMG who hosted the event in London said: “The hospitality sector is hugely important to the UK economy.  As the recovery in the UK takes hold, we hope that there will be an increasing number of opportunities for employment in the sector, and it is important that we support and encourage more young people through events like this to consider a career in hospitality.  KPMG is proud to be part of this initiative to help bridge the gap between what employers in the sector need from their workforce and what potential employees can offer.  I hope that attendees from both sides go away feeling inspired by the debate and conversations that they have at the event, and that ultimately, we can help to get more young people into valuable employment.”

Anne Pierce MBE CEO of Springboard said: “Springboard is delighted to be part of the Big Hospitality Conversations across the hospitality industry. Our work and that of those involved is key to supporting and providing quality work experience through our Inspire programme, apprenticeship opportunities and getting young people into employment within this industry.”

Big Hospitality events targeting the hospitality and restaurant industry will be held across the UK throughout 2014.

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