UKHospitality response to People 1st administration

UKHospitality Chief Executive, Kate Nicholls said: “This is unfortunate news for the sector and everyone involved with People 1st. First and foremost, our sympathies are with everyone at People 1st and we appreciate the very valuable work they have been doing for the hospitality sector.

“This now throws into sharp relief the extremely pressing need for skills to be prioritised as part of a sector deal for UK tourism, of which the hospitality sector is a crucial part. In the meantime, we need a Brexit immigration policy that will give the sector time to address its skills and labour needs.

“UKHospitality is ready and able to step in to the gap and provide support in any way we can, to provide some continuity until a permanent solution is found. Above all, the Government needs to be aware of the dire situation and ensure that its future actions do not undermine the development of skills in the sector and put the country’s valuable hospitality businesses at a disadvantage.”

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