Robert Holland

Having played an active role in the BHA over the past few years as Chairman of the E1 GM’s and part of the London Committee of the BHA, Robert’s new focus on technology within our industry will continue to benefit the BHA & its’ members. Robert’s role as Chief Technology Adviser will see him focus on how advancements in this sector are affecting our industry and whether new trends are just a fad or here to stay.

As Managing Director for the UK & Ireland of Swiss company HotelPartner Yield Management, Robert is introducing cutting edge technology to deliver optimised distribution to Hotel & Serviced Apartment owners. Recognising the ever more challenging landscape of online sales with so many varied considerations in determining rate and availability, Robert was drawn to the solution provided by this established European operator. Earlier this year they asked him to spearhead their efforts to enter the UK Marketplace.

Having previously worked as General Manager of The Bermondsey Square Hotel and Regional Operations Manager of Bespoke Hotels, Robert’s experience as an operator allowed him to gauge first hand whether new technology could assist him with the running of his hotels. He has been an early adopter of a number of new applications and is known within the digital marketplace as a champion of companies that are looking to re-address the focus of hoteliers and challenge the way things have always been done. He has worked with a number of these companies to hone their products to be of greater benefit to hospitality providers.

Prior to joining Bespoke Hotels, Robert owned and managed a small chain of restaurants in south west London. “My focus has always been on the customer. Having owned a small business, I am acutely aware of the need to manage cost and where possible adopt best practice to enable me to deliver value to my clients. The utilisation of technology to expedite processes has allowed me to focus more of my limited resources towards customer facing activities. We must not forget that we are a Hospitality Industry and we should be making great memories for our guests in our Restaurants, our theme parks, our B&B’s, our Hotels and our serviced apartments. We have to look at other industries to see how they have dealt with similar threats to ours and encourage developers to provide us with solutions that do not break the fabric of our offering. If we chose to ignore change we will become a victim of it.”

Robert has always had a passion for education and has worked hard to advance his own colleagues as well as working with the next generation of hoteliers, sharing with them his experiences and the lessons he has learned along the way.

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