Why does it matter?


Why Work Experience Matters

Springboard’s latest research, ‘Young People’s Perceptions to Hospitality as a Career Choice and the Factors Affecting Career Choice’ (Dec 2011), backed by Sector Skills Council and People 1st showed that work experience remains the single most important factor influencing career choice – However not all work experience is good. The industry needs to offer more and better quality work experience opportunities to convert this potential. That’s why commitment to BiTC’s Work Inspirations Campaign and Springboard’s INSPIRE work experience Quality Standard is vital.

Providing Youth Employment

Youth unemployment is at record levels with over one million school leavers and graduates out of work. Yet, hospitality has more vacancies now than a year ago, so there is a huge opportunity for the industry to take a lead in combating youth unemployment and developing new strategies to create job opportunities. There are a variety of schemes to support young people into hospitality such as Galvin’s Chance, Accor’s Hospitality Futures & Springboard’s Into Work Programme. Forward thinking companies have already committed to employing local young people.


The Value of Apprenticeships

Fresh young talent brought into our businesses through apprenticeships enhance the bottom line through increased productivity and competitiveness. Their skills are designed around the businesses’ needs and those skills can be nurtured for the future long term benefit of both employer and employee.

Why is this important?

Hospitality is one of only a few growth industries; it has job opportunities and skills shortages. Youth unemployment is at its highest for decades, yet there is a wealth of talent and potential waiting to be tapped. The UK Government is looking to industry to drive economic recovery and the hospitality industry is in a position to be a key player to stimulate growth, but hitherto has not capitalised as much as it could on attracting
domestic talent, nor does it get the recognition & investment it deserves from the Government.

Work experience, apprenticeships and initiatives to support people into jobs are critical in cementing a talent pipeline, but all three are often misunderstood or underrated. The Big Conversation is a tried and tested model in other industry sectors and is an opportunity for industry leaders and young people to break down barriers and help supply meet demand.

We want hospitality leaders to engage with young people throughout the country by staging or facilitating Big Conversations in key locations. Every Big Conversation will be designed to lead to more commitments to offer more INSPIRED work experience and apprenticeships and to prioritise local youth employment.

The BHA are committed to making the BIG Conversation central to their strategy going forward and will measure the impact of the commitments made; use the outcomes to strengthen the industry’s position to Government and to ensure sustained action from industry.

Springboard will be working in association with the Hospitality Guild on their mission to
improve the quality of work experience through INSPIRE and drive more young people
into employment in our industry

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