Responsible Hospitality


The Responsibility Deal Pledges, made by hospitality operators in relation to providing calorie information and stopping the use of trans fats and reducing salt consumption, demonstrate the work members undertake in contributing to helping consumers make choices which enable them to have a healthy diet while still enjoying the food provided by food services.

New salt pledge

A new salt pledge to reduce salt in restaurant meals with a deadline of December 2017 has been developed with a revised and limited number of product categories and targets on the basis of feedback received.  The BHA, through representation on the Department of Health’s Plenary Board and High Level Steering Group, has had a key role to play in ensuring flexibility of the salt pledge to ensure members are in a position to sign up.

E Coli 0157 Guidance Review and Industry Guide

The final version of the E Coli 0157 cross contamination guidance has been produced by the FSA’s working group which has met throughout the last year and received input from the BHA Food Experts Group.  The guidance will be incorporated into the Catering Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice which is currently under development by the BHA Food Experts Group.

Food source and safety

The horsemeat incident which damaged consumer confidence in food in the UK was a key focus for BHA members in the year and food authenticity will continue to attract attention from the media and consumers in the future.  The Association, through its Food Experts Group, will continue to work closely with the FSA and DEFRA, taking steps to advise members on guidance to prevent, as far as possible, future incidents.

Research – Country of Origin labeling (VCo01)

DEFRA is funding a research project to examine the barriers to implementing the voluntary principles of Country of Origin labeling in the Hospitality Industry and how these barriers can be overcome.  A steering group has been set up to oversee the project and the BHA is represented on the group.

DEFRA Horsemeat Review

Professor Chris Elliot has led an independent review of Britain’s food system in light of the horsemeat fraud.  The BHA has given evidence to the review and has had discussions with the Food Standards Agency and Government (DEFRA) officials on implementation of the recommendations in the interim report including the setting up of an intelligence hub in the FSA.

There is an important role for Trade Associations in acting as a conduit for the transfer of information from industry to the FSA.  The BHA Food Experts Group will discuss with DEFRA and the FSA including a section on Food crime and authenticity in the industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice.

EU Food Information regulation – FSA Allergen Guidance for SMEs

The FSA is developing a leaflet to advise small and medium enterprises on compliance with the Food Information Regulation which will come into force on December 14th 2014.  The BHA Food Experts Group will develop a section on food allergies in the industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice.

BHA and ADBA urges businesses to reduce food waste

WRAP’s report into food waste in the hospitality sector valued the true cost of food waste to the industry at £2.5 billion, making efforts to reduce it well worthwhile.  The BHA has partnered with ADBA to highlight the benefits of anaerobic digestion as a treatment option for the remaining unavoidable food waste.

Trends and developments

Understanding and capitalizing on the regional, national and global trends which will impact the evolution of our industry including customer research and the general election manifesto.

In late 2014 we will be creating a research council of members and partners to co-ordinate the next trends and developments report.  This is a call to action for people who would like to join this council.