The 7th Annual Food Safety Conference: Innovation in Food Safety Practice

22 June 2016, Prospero House, London

9.00    Registration and exhibition viewing

9.45    Welcome and introduction

Chair: Sarah Appleby, Independent Food Safety Consultant


SESSION 1:  Keeping food safe for the future

10.00  Developing the future vision: What does the Food Standards Agency have in mind?

Speaker: Alice Biggins, Head of Regulatory and International Unit, FSA

Consumers expect food to be safe but the challenges are increasing. The Food Standards Agency is developing a new strategy that will better recognise activities that reduce risk and focus interventions based on effective intelligence

10.30  Third party assurance schemes – a route to co-regulation?

Speaker: David Clarke, Chief Executive, The Red Tractor Assurance Scheme

A consideration of what the scheme offers now and how this might develop in the future

11.00  Refreshment break and exhibition viewing

11.30  How can the objectivity and consistency of third party assurance schemes be assured? A review of what research reveals.

Speaker: Julien Etienne, Senior Consultant, ICF International

12.00  Debate: What should the role of the food business, local regulator and consumer be in keeping food safe in the future?

Facilitated debate: Sarah Appleby (Chair), Alice Biggins, David Clarke and Julien Etienne.

Each panel member to make a two minute statement.

            Open discussion

12.45  Lunch and exhibition viewing


SESSION 2:  Microbiology

13.45  How genome sequencing is transforming outbreak investigations

Speaker: Dr Marie Anne Chattaway, Gastrointestinal Clinical Scientific Lead, Public Health England

The ability to sequence whole genomes allows scientists to identify, and differentiate between, different bacterial and viral strains. This session will outline the transformative effect genome sequencing has had on the ability to rapidly and cheaply investigate foodborne disease outbreaks

14.15  The hidden dangers of Campylobacter

Speaker: Paul Morris, Owner, Addmaster

The dangers of campylobacter on raw poultry are well publicised and work has been done on contamination of packaging. What has not been fully explored is the current risk of cross contamination from the greater use of reusable shopping bags. An overview of new research findings. 

14.45 Refreshment break and exhibition viewing


SESSION 3: New thinking

15.15  Why is food getting “pinker”? Will understanding motivations improve food safety?

Speaker: Dr Michael Burton, Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester

From chicken liver parfait to burgers and pork a fashion for pink is developing. What’s behind this, who wants it and how is safety judged? An overview of a study into knowledge and behaviours

16.00   An exclusive insight into the BHA’s upcoming Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice: “Catering: what it means for food businesses and enforcement” (July 2016)

Speaker: Dr Lisa Ackerley, Food Safety Adviser, British Hospitality Association

For anyone involved in catering, whether as a food business or a regulator, this publication will be a “must have”. It will set the industry benchmark for compliance, explaining the requirements in practical terms. This session will give you a unique pre-publication insight into the details.

16.30  Chair summary and close

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