Big Hospitality Conversation – Sheffield Hallam University Yorkshire

We know a good conversation can lead to great things, this is why we established The Big Hospitality Conversation.

We take great pleasure in inviting you to the Sheffield Big Hospitality Conversation event taking place on Tuesday, 17 March 2015 at Sheffield Hallam University.

The Big Hospitality Conversation Sheffield has been designed and organised by the British Hospitality Association in collaboration with an innovative team of Third Year Events Management students from Sheffield Hallam University.

The Big Hospitality Conversation will run from 1pm until 3.30pm, comprising of seminars across work experience, apprenticeships and youth employment, during which we will hear from young people and business leaders alike. We are calling on you to join the 1500 hospitality businesses who have already pledged to create over 38,000 opportunites within our industry. Following the conversation we welcome you to join us for afternoon tea, and visit our careers market place for further discussion and networking. The market place will run until 5pm.

The Big Hospitality Conversation is the bellwether campaign of the Hospitality & Tourism industry.  The Big Hospitality Conversation has a threefold mission:

To promote Hospitality as a career of choice

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) estimates that some 80% of leaders in our industry achieved their executive, franchisee/ownership, chef and management positions by working their way up. The Big Hospitality Conversation is the BHA’s flagship campaign promoting great career journeys and the sheer breadth of Hospitality jobs. We need every business in the United Kingdom to get behind this campaign, and to play their part in altering the current misconception of hospitality jobs being ‘low-skilled’, ‘low paid’ and leading to ‘dead-ends’.

To facilitate meaningful dialogue between young jobseekers and employers

Over 1,500 hospitality Chief Executives and HR Directors have connected with young jobseekers across the UK to generate over 37,000 new jobs, apprenticeships and structured work placements in our industry in the past 18 months.

To demonstrate–to local & national government, the media and public at large–the power of the industry to create jobs, especially for young people

Our target is to create 60,000 hospitality career opportunities for 16 to 24 year olds by 2016. Through The Big Hospitality Conversation, the BHA encourages members to ‘pledge’ their new job, apprenticeship or placement opportunities.

Working with our partners, we offer support and guidance to our members where it is needed. We celebrate not just the numbers of careers that our members are helping to grow, but the narratives of the young lives that are being changed for the better.

Up and down the country, businesses like yours are sowing the seeds for your own future, nurturing young talent by creating quality work experience, apprenticeships and jobs for 16-24 year olds. It is our responsibility, as local employers and a community of hospitality ambassadors, to support young people by proving them first-hand that rewarding careers can be built in the industry.

P.S. There is limited availability for this VIP event, places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis and will go quickly. Please note we will admit only one representative per company.

To find out even more about the initiative have a look at our website Follow links to see pictures and videos.

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