Building a successful strategic approach to water efficiency


This workshop details the key elements of a successful approach to managing a business’s water use efficiently and aims to tackle barriers being experienced by attendees which may be preventing this goal.  Attention will be paid towards the impact of a competitive water market and what needs to be done now to fully prepare and maximize the opportunities this will bring in April 2017 and before.

The specific areas that will be covered are all key stages of developing a strategic approach to water management and include: water recycling, operational water footprinting, strategy development and implementation.  Through collaboration in smaller groups, the workshop aims to provide attendees with insight and inspiration into best practice management of water which they can take back to their respective organisations. 


Following a brief introduction to the workshop, the session will break into smaller groups to discuss the specific areas highlighted during the introduction.  Each group will circulate around 3-4 tables which will have a minimum of a facilitator or a leading industry peer to provoke discussion and listen to questions, ideas or issues attendees have within these areas.

To enable the benefit of the discussions to be available to all attendees, a summary of each table’s sessions will be compiled into a ‘Workshop Summary Report’ and sent to all attendees post the event.


Claire Yeates, Sales Director – Waterscan Ltd

Neil Pendle, Managing Director – Waterscan Ltd

Barry Millar, Operations Director – Waterscan Ltd

Nick Hayes, Commercial Director – Waterscan Ltd

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