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Denizli Home Textile AssociationThe DENIB Home Textiles Group - and The British Interior Textile Association (BITA) have
worked together to bring you the unique opportunity of viewing the superior quality offered by
18 distinctive producers of luxury towels, bathrobes, bathmats, bedcovers and table cloths etc.
from Denizli, Turkey during two events in two cities:

Manchester: Tuesday 24 February 2015, 10am-6pm, Radisson Blu Edwardian
London: Thursday 26 February 2015, 10am-6pm, Westbury Mayfair Hotel

Ancient Wonders For Today’s Lifestyles

With historic roots dating back to ancient times, the Denizli home textiles group from Turkey
are proud to be showcasing their gorgeous collections of towels, bathrobes, bedlinen and
tablecloths etc in the UK this coming February.
In this age of fast food and disposable clothing, the concept of “quality” is increasingly eroded,
but the traditional techniques tested through time have not been lost.
The textile industry has existed in Turkey for thousands of years. In particular, the city of
Denizli is known for its 4,000-year-old history as a textile-producing hub.
Having manufactured top quality textile products since ancient times, Denizli remains a
world leader in this sector today.

Free Entry with Complimentary Tea, Coffee and light snacks.

Turkish Textile Association

Please contact us if you would like to attend.

Mobile:+90 532 272 29 15

Mobile: 07912379739

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