The Caterer Digital Summit 2014

12 May 2014 Grange St Paul’s Hotel, London

Harnessing the latest in hospitality technology

The latest technology has the capacity to streamline operations and increase revenues throughout the hospitality industry. Whether it's influencing and simplifying the manner in which orders are taken, rooms are booked or meals are paid for, technology is taking over everyday operations.

Consumers are increasingly influenced by the gadgetry in their hands. This presents a challenge for operators but also an opportunity that tech-savvy operators can grasp. Those who can react quickly and stay on top of current trends are best placed to profit.

To ensure you're up to date our special one-day conference will showcase the latest digital technology developments in the hospitality industry. It will explore the tools you need to stay ahead in the market and examine the technologies that will set you apart in the eyes of your customers.

Leading technology experts and operators will offer their experience along with operational examples of the technology in a hospitality environment. Delegates will hear what the future has in store for mobile ordering and payment, and how to take advantage of the technology to speed service and increase spend.

Our expert speakers will also address revenue management and the latest best practice in working with online travel agents to ensure your marketing message gets out and as much revenue as possible comes in.

Meanwhile, we’ll explore what the future holds for hospitality and explain how you can get ahead of your competitor.

Key issues to be addressed:

• The future of hospitality technology

• Mobile technology - harnessing apps and mobile platforms to deliver your messages to your customer

• The hotel room of the future exploring how far in-room entertainment has come

• Building a world class reputation – managing your reputation on review sites and using social media platforms to better engage with

• Top ranking – making search engines work for you

• The science of revenue management – planning your pricing and developing a revenue strategy that works for you

• Data security – exploring your legal obligations and how to ensure your transactions are trusted by potential guests

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