WEBINAR: Hospitality apprenticeships for non-levy paying businesses

Are you looking to get up to speed with the new hospitality apprenticeships? Need to understand how they can work for your non-levy paying business? Or maybe you’ve heard plenty about how they can benefit large businesses but want information on the opportunities they present for small and medium employers?

Whatever the reason, make sure you join the upcoming webinar from People 1st, in association with the British Hospitality Association and ALMR, to fill in any knowledge gaps.

In just one hour, we’ll get you up to speed so that you feel informed, confident, and ready to see how the new apprenticeship standards could work for your business.

The British Hospitality Association’s employment policy adviser, John Guthrie, will be posing questions to People 1st’s director of strategic policy, Annette Allmark, and the session will cover:

• A general introduction to the new apprenticeships
• Hospitality apprenticeship standards - the key features of the new standards and the roles they cover
• Apprenticeship training – the different options for training your apprentices
• Apprenticeship funding – how it works for non-levy paying businesses
• How to prepare your business

This is your opportunity to get the answers you need - submit your questions when registering for the webinar to ensure your queries on apprenticeships are covered.

Spaces are limited – register now!

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